CF Appreciation Program
This program provides the Canadian Forces community with access to a wide array of international, national, and local goods & services, with emphasis on leisure travel, including individual as well as family holiday packages, and many other goods & services of interest.  Eligibility includes "currently serving regular force and reserve force members and their families, former CF members and their families, civilian employees of DND, of the non-public funds, and of the CF, and foreign military personnel serving with the CF."

The CF Appreciation program,, was launched to offer a variety of discounted goods and services to the CF community in recognition of their sacrifices and dedication.  The Program expanded to include many national brands as well as local businesses within the categories of travel, accommodations, attraction, entertainment, shops, dining, recreation, house & home, and other services.

The site is updated often with new Industry Partners and special offers so it should be consulted regularly.  We also want our members to let us know if they have suggestions for new businesses, goods and services for incorporation within our Program.

Some brands that may be of interest to the CF community living in PEI include:  Shining Waters, Coast Tire & Auto, Greenwood Golf Club, Hakim Optical, SoftMoc, BMW, Nissan, Cineplex, Landmark and, for travel, we highly recommend Armed Forces Vacation Club for getaways as low as $369 for a week’s accommodation in Fiji or Gov Vacation Rewards, guaranteeing best prices on flights and accommodations!

A CFOne card will be required to access the CF Appreciation website in the spring of 2014, so be sure to register for a CFOne card at

Visit for info, and to sign up.  Download/view instructions on how to use website here (PDF).